Newton Solney Parish Council

Please look at the home page for information about the Newton Solney road closure from Monday 19th November. 


B5008 through Newton Solney

The B5008 runs from Burton on Trent through Newton Solney to the village of Repton. The road is subject to occasional flooding and should be used with care in periods of heavy rain. If the road is blocked then there are two main alternatives:namely,the A38 trunk road;or the A511, Bretby Lane and Newton Lane to Newton Solney.  

Between Burton on Trent and Newton Solney the B5008 is subject to a speed limit of 40mph. It is a narrow road and not suitable for high speeds. Several accidents,including fatalities have occurred.

We have the following update on safety issues relating to the B5008.

Several of the proposals made in 2009 by Derbyshire County Council (DCC) have now been implemented. Furthermore, DCC intend to install a Vehicle Activated sign on the hill into the village once a suitable site has been identified.
A meeting with a DCC official led to agreement that informal discusions with the Parish Council and the Police will take place on a proposal to move the 30mph speed limit at the west of the village to the foot of the hill. The Parish Council is in favour of this proposal. This meeting took place in 2009. Unfortunately the Police did not agree to proposals to alter the speed limits.
Click here to see the minutes of this meeting.


The B5008 occasionally floods just outside the Newton Park Hotel especially after torrential rain. There is a private, gated road through the Hotel grounds and Newton Park, and some drivers have attempted to use this road as a means of circumventing the floods. There is NO right of way via this route, and attempts to use it are illegal and unacceptable.