Newton Solney Parish Council

Horticultural Society






President:              Mr Tony Freeman

Vice-President:       Mr R Steele

Chairman:              Mr C P Kitto

 Secretary:              Mrs E J Buchanan

                             36, Main Street, Newton Solney

Show Secretary:      Mr A Archer

Treasurer:              Mrs J Kitto

Committee:            Mrs M Acford, Mr A Archer, Ms K Brittan,

Mrs J Mears, Mr T Norman

And Mrs J Wheeldon

 RIP Terry Martin/Booth committee member for over 35 years



                                1st prize – 70p, 2nd prize - 50p, 3rd prize – 30p



1     Roses, 3 blooms, any variety/varieties

2     Rose, large flowered, 1 specimen bloom

3     Roses, clustered, 3 stems

4     Chrysanthemums, any variety

5     Dahlias, 3 medium decorative, (not exceeding 220 mm diameter)

6     Dahlias, 3 cactus/semi-cactus

7     Dahlias, 3 small pompom (not exceeding 55mm diameter)

8     Dahlias, 3 any variety (not exceeding 170 mm in diameter)

9     Gladioli, 1 specimen spike

10   Six Pansies or Violas

11   Pot Plant (not cacti) for foliage, (container not exceeding 260mm in diameter)

12   Sweet Peas, 6 stems, any variety/varieties

13   Pot Plant (not cacti) for flower(s), (container not exceeding 260mm in diameter)

14   A container of cut flowers, 6 stems of more than one variety

15   Cactus or Succulent

16 Any flower not included in the schedule



 17    Apples – dessert – 4,

18    Apples – cooking – 4,

19    Onions, 4 dressed from seed or sets, 250gms or under

20    Onions, 3, as grown from seed or sets

21    Onions, 3 exhibition dressed from seed or sets over 250gms

22    Tomatoes, 4

23    Tomatoes, 9, small fruiting not exceeding 35mm in diameter

24    French beans, 6, climbing or dwarf

25    Runner Beans, 6

26    Longest Runner Bean, single

27    Shallots, any colour, 6, large exhibition

28    Shallots, any colour, 6, pickling type not exceeding 30mm in diameter

29    Beetroot, globe, 3, as grown, foliage trimmed to approx. 75mm

30    Carrots, 3, foliage trimmed to approx. 75mm

31    Marrow, 1

32    Potatoes, white of any shape, 4,

33    Potatoes, coloured of any shape, 4

34    Cabbage, green, 1

35    Parsnips, 3, foliage trimmed to approx. 75mm

36    Courgettes, 3, any variety

37    Collection of 6 kinds of vegetables

38    Any vegetable not included in the schedule

39    Any fruit not included in the schedule

40    A harvest box (not exceeding 53cm X 36cm) containing a selection of vegetables

41    Collection of different culinary herbs in water (individually labelled)

42    Vegetable tragedy, for fun, no points



(For exhibitors who have not previously won a first prize in classes 1-42 or the Novice Cup)

43    French or Runner Beans, 6

44    One specimen vegetable or fruit

45    A container of cut flowers


46    Jar of Soft Fruit Jam

47    Jar of Fruit Jelly

48    Jar of Stone Fruit Jam (plum, etc)

49    Jar of Marmalade

50    Quiche (20cm) – with title card

51    Shortbread fingers,5

52    Victoria Jam Sandwich in 18cm tin approx (see last page)

53    A Loaf of Wholemeal Bread (0.5kg loaf tin)

54    Five White Bread Rolls

55    Banana Bread (see last page)

56    Five Fruit Scones

57    Jam Swiss Roll

58    Fruit Pie/Fruit Tart

59    Paté (flavour to be stated and recipe submitted)

60    Five Flapjacks

61    Five decorated Cup Cakes

62    Jar of Chutney



Space limits must be to schedule but height unlimited

 63    “Two of a Kind” an arrangement of fresh flowers and foliage. Accessories allowed. Space permitted 46cm (width and depth)

64    “Arrangement in a Container”, using only containers available from the Secretary, space permitted 20cm - arrangements to be left for sale.

65    “Platinum Jubilee” an arrangement of fresh flowers and foliage. Space allowed 46 cm (width and depth).

66    “Have a Go” for exhibitors who have not won a first prize in classes

63 – 65 within the last 10 years.  An arrangement of flowers and foliage. Space permitted 38cm (width and depth).


 Entries in sections 67-89 should not have been previously exhibited.


Handiwork should not have been worn or laundered.

 67    Knitting and Crochet

68    Needlework and Embroidery

69    A handmade stuffed toy (sewn, knitted or crocheted)

70    Beadwork and textile crafts.

71    Pottery, woodwork, metalwork or any other work not included in classes 67-70


Classes 72-76 may be priced for sale on the day – 10% commission will be deducted.

72    Watercolour – flowers

73    Watercolour – other

74    Oils and acrylic

75    Mixed media

76    Pastel, Pencil, pen and charcoal



(Prints – up to 7” X 5”), classes 77-81, multiple entries to be exhibited separately).


77    Photograph ‘Three mounted on a theme of your own choice’

(space limited, please restrict size of mount)

78    “Wildlife”

79    “Weather”

80    “Platinum Jubilee”

81    A Black & White photograph, any subject

 JUNIOR CLASSESAge to be stated

 Up to and including 4 years

 82    Painting or drawing

83    Decorated paper plate


5 to 7 years inclusive

 84  Painting or drawing of the Queen

85  Mustard and cress grown in an unusual container (Size not to exceed

20 cms)

86  Decorate a gingerbread man


8 to 11 years inclusive

 87  Painting or drawing of a Super Hero

88  4 cup cakes

89  Photograph – “Bugs”




 All exhibits must be grown or made by the exhibitor and entered in their own name.

  1. All entry fees to be paid at the time of entry - 20p per entry.
  2. The decision of the judge shall be final.
  3. All entries MUST be received by 11.45 am and staged by 12 noon on the day of the show.
  4. If there are less than five entries, second and third prizes awarded at the judges’ discretion.
  5. No exhibit to be moved when staged except by the stewards.
  6. No exhibit or prize cards to be moved before 4.45 pm.
  7. Exhibitors to provide own vases etc.  Note:  large and small vases are available for use on a first-come first-served basis.


Prize money may be collected from the Treasurer between 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm (on presentation of the special ticket from the back of the prize card).

Any money not collected on the day will be returned to funds.

It would be appreciated by the committee if exhibitors in classes 1-66 would kindly leave some exhibits for sale to help with Show funds.



(To be presented at 5.00 pm)


“The Garden News Shield”, plus £5 cash, for most points in classes 1-41 inclusive.

“The J Bailey Cup”, plus £5 cash, for most points in classes 1-16 inclusive.

“The Newton Solney Challenge Cup”, plus £5 cash, for most points in classes    17-41 inclusive.

“Novice Shield” plus £5 cash, for novices classes 43-45

“The Garden News’ Floral Art Shield”, plus £5 cash, for most points in “Floral Arrangements”.

“Produce Cup”, plus £5 cash, for most points in Produce Section.

“Handicraft Trophy”, plus £5 cash, for most points in classes 67-71.

“Vera Robinson Art Trophy”, plus £5 cash, for most points in classes 72-76.

“Sheila Freeman Photography Trophy”, plus £5 cash, for most points in classes 77-81.

“Ray Massey Trophy”, plus £5 cash, for most points in onion classes,

“T Vaughan Trophy”, plus £5 cash, for best exhibit in classes 17-41.

Junior Cups, plus £5, for most points in each group.

“President’s Choice”, Cup plus £5 cash,     

“People’s Choice”, Certificate plus £5 cash, each chosen from best in section winners.

Points awarded:  1st 5 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 1 point




Mr C Nicklin            Mrs R Higson

Mrs J Humphreys              Mr M Payne

Mrs M Ottewell       Mrs L Harris

Mrs M Dickson



Mr T Freeman






                                                 175g butter

                                                 175g caster sugar

                                                 3 eggs

                                                 175g self-raising flour

                                                 Raspberry jam filling






225g self-raising flour
1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
a pinch of salt
175g caster sugar

75g butter
2 medium eggs - beaten
450g bananas weighed with skin, then peeled and mashed
100g walnuts, chopped
100g sultanas

1. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas mark 4
2. Grease and line 1 kg loaf tin
3. Mix flour, bicarb and salt
4. Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, add eggs

    a little at a time alternately with the flour
5. Stir in remaining flour, bananas, walnuts and sultanas

    and put into a prepared tin
6. Bake for about 75 minutes
7. Cool on wire rack