Newton Solney Parish Council

The Main Hall

Our main hall's exemplary size works wonders for any events, with a width of 7m 30cm and a length of 12m 40cm. Seating is available for 80 people in a concert style arrangement and a stage (2m 60 by 4m 60) can be provided with overhead lighting. The kitchen is available for use during any occasion. The hall has two radiators with covers and blinds for chilly evenings.The hall has multiple uses including a badminton court which is available to hire. 

In order to arrange hall bookings please contact Chris Shean on 078961 199739. It is charged at £14.00 per hour.

It is worth noting (for health and safety precautions) we have a defibrillator on site. 


The Meeting or Conference Room

The meeting room is a multi-purpose space. It is 4m wide by 4m 70 long. There are a number of tables and chairs for your use accomodating 20 people. It can be configured in a number of ways - to suit anyone's requirements. For crafts and activities in need of water or specific utensils the kitchen is easily accessible and situated nearby. Please note we currently don't have on site wi-fi. This room is charged at £7.00 an hour. 


Kitchen Facilities

As with all events modern kitchen facilities and toilets are essential. Our kitchen has a microwave, kettle, oven, sink, coffee maker, a hot water urn and additional plug sockets available to use. There are numerous sets of crockery and kitchen utensils to help when catering for an event.

The Snooker Room

The snooker table is a full 12 foot and has table lighting available with specialist snooker cues and equipment. It is only £2 a play. Place your 50p's in the box near the door to the room and this activates the lighting. Booking for the snooker room is carried out by signing at the notice board situated near the side door of the hall. To book simply lift up the front panelof the notice board and sign on the timetable at the required time/date. This is also applicable for the tennis courts.

The Rifle Range

The rifle range hosts 2 club nights that meet every Tuesday or Friday evening at the village hall. You can shoot .22 rifles on Tuesday and air rifles on a Friday in a completely safe environment. To enquire for Tuesday please contact the club secretary Ray Hill on 01283 716003. The Friday Rifle Club is run by Gary. Please contact Gary on 07923470596 for details.



Crown Green Bowling

Situated next to the village hall  is our stunning, well kept  bowling green with sheltered seating to spectate. Providing an amazing view and great playing space for all. Bowling costs £8 an hour and includes use of the halls bowling balls.        


The Tennis Court

The tennis court is found at the side of the village hall.The payment is £2.00 a play and booking is as discussed in the snooker room section.The following villagers have keys for opening of the tennis court:

Betty Gallimore, Repton Road - 01283 703611

Chris Shean, 34 Blacksmiths Lane - 01283 701437

Chris Kitto, 29 Blacksmiths Lane - 01283 702129

Martin Shean, 32 Blacksmith's Lane 01283 703129.

The village hall committee hope you enjoy the halls facilities! 

 Download our village hall booking hire agreement form .