Newton Solney Parish Council
Next Parish Council Meeting


The next parish council meeting at which you are summoned will be at the village hall on Tuesday 19th March

Members will be asked to complete the declarations sheet (if appropriate)

Yours faithfully, Ron Parker (Clerk FRO)


  • A period of not more than 10 minutes will be made available to members of the public and members of the council to comment on any matter.   Where a member indicates they have a prejudicial interest but wish to make representations regarding the item before leaving the meeting, these representations must be made under item (c) below.   (If the item to which representations or comments were made by member is on the agenda the member must declare the interest again and withdraw from the meeting during consideration of that item).
  • If the police liaison officer or a county or district councillor are in attendance they will be given the opportunity  raise any relevant matter
  • Members declaring a prejudicial interest who wish to make representations or give evidence under the code of conduct relating to the agenda shall do so at this stage.


1/2/24 To receive apologies for absence

2/2/24 Variation in order of business

3/2/24 Declaration of members interest - Please note

(a) Members must ensure they complete the Declaration  of  Interest prior to the start of the meeting and must indicate the action to be taken (ie. to stay in the meeting and  make representations and then leave the meeting prior to any consideration or determination of the item

 (b)  Where a member indicates they have a prejudicial interest but wish to make representations regarding the item before leaving the meeting , those representations must be made under item (c) of public speaking.  The declaration of interest will be read out from the declarations sheet - members will be ask asked to confirm  that the declaration is correct.


4/2/24   To consider various items of the non-exempt minutes of the meeting on 9th January  2024

5/2/24   To determine which items in any of part 1 of the agenda should be taken with the public excluded      If the council decided to exclude the public it will be necessary to pass a resolution in the followingterm:-  That under section 100(A) of the Local Government Act 1972the public will be excluded from the meeting during the business set out in the agenda item(s) (To be specified by thecouncil) on the grounds that if (they) involves the likely disclosure of for exempt information as defined in the report(s) or otherwise defined at the meeting.

6/2/24      Traffic calming in village

7/2/24       To receive the  Clerks report.

8/2/24        To receive the Chairman’s report

9/2/24      To receive reports from Parish councillors

10/2/24    Planning applications and decisions

11/2/24   Christmas lights- American oak

12/2/24    Shed & Orchard   

13/2/24     Additional play equipment

14/2/24    Play Equipment update

15/2/24     Newton Park Hotel

16/2/24    Childrens Fun Day

17/2/24    Willington Solar Farm

18/2/24     Cemex

19/2/24    Amount to be requested as precept

20/2/24  Approval and signing of cheques

R. Parker      Salary £135.35 R. Parker     Allowable expense   £19.50 FBS Fenlon  Form hardstanding and fit bench                   £  960.00

G. Wall          Lengthsman £75.00

SDDC         Playing area survey £65.58




The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th March 2024