Newton Solney Parish Council

Parish Council 

The Parish Council meets third friday the month (except August) at 7.45 pm in Newton Solney Village Hall.   Planning applications may be viewed from 7.30 pm.

There are three tiers of local government - Derbyshire County Council (DCC), South Derbyshire District Council (SDDC), and the Parish Council (PC). Broadly speaking their responsibilities are as follows:

  • The DCC is the main provider of education, social care and health, highways, waste disposal, trading standards, libraries and museums. These are services which generally need to be coordinated on a county wide basis.
  • The SDDC is responsible for a wide range of local services including planning, housing, waste collection, environmental health and leisure services.
  • The Parish Council has limited duties but quite wide powers, should it decide to use them. They cover issues that are relevant to the parish or village, such as allotments, bus shelters, village halls, children's playgrounds, parks, seats, signs, notice boards. The Parish Council has a significant input to the planning consultation process.

Council tax is set by the District Council in response to its budgetary needs and it also acts as the collector for the Parish Council precept. A precept is set by the Parish Council. The precept is the sole source of revenue available to the Parish Council to undertake its work directly. Beyond that it can only make requests of the DCC or SDDC as appropriate, for works to be carried out on behalf of the Parish Council and to make recommendations in response to consultation documentation, including planning applications.

Parish Council Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors as set out by NALC. Code of Conduct.

The Parish accounts were last audited by Grant Thornton on 31st March 2017. Audit Conclusion.

The Parish Council risk register was last reviewed in January 2019. Parish Council risk Register.

The risk register for the Play Equipment was last reviewed in January 2018. Play Equipment Risk register

Standing orders were reviewed and adopted on 13th April 2018. Standing Orders.

Financial Regulations - these were last reviewed and adopted in September 2018. A copy can be viewed Financial regulations.

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