Newton Solney Parish Council

Diamond Jubilee - Monday 4th June 2012 

Team and Race Results

Rounders match:

Team Kate 6 1/2 rounders, Team Wills 5 1/2 rounders.

Football Final Team Placings:

1) Made in Ashby

2) Steam Bury

3) Melchester Rovers

4) Jubilee Jiggers

5) Ream United

6) Leave It


1) Under 5s Running: 1st Martha Haines, 2nd Rocco Ewart-White 3rd Poppy Mercer

2) Under 18s Sack: 1st Hannah Ewins, 2nd Will Doleman, 3rd Jake Green

3) Adults 3-legged: 1st Sam Wood & Kaz Griffiths, 2nd Meg & Ella, 3rd Meg & Alice

4) 5-9s Running: 1st Hannah Drummond, 2nd Amy Shepherd, 3rd Max Ewart-White 

5) Obstacle Race: 1st Jake, 2nd Hannah, 3rd Max

6) Ladie's Running: 1st Kerry Haines, 2nd Becky Prime, 3rd Suzy Drummond

7) Stilts Race: 1st Elle, 2nd Hannah, 3rd Georgia

8) Boy's Running: 1st Jake Tyers, 2nd WIll Doleman, 3rd Jake Green

9) Egg and Spoon: 1st Max Ewart-White, 2nd Alexander Cheeseman, 3rd Sophie Haines

10) Under 5s Egg and Spoon: 1st Chloe Brister, 2nd William Brister, 3rd Zac Green

11) Egg and Spoons Over 5s: 1st Katie, 2nd Hannah, 3rd Amy

12) Over 60s Egg and Spoon: 1st Lesley Simpson, 2nd Clive Cheeseman, 3rd Terry Booth

13) Men's Running: 1st Gareth Haines, 2nd Matt Tyler, 3rd Simon Green

14) Wife/Partner Carrying: 1st Gareth and Kerry Haines, 2nd The Tylers, 3rd Angus and Gemma Falconer


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